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Q: How do we know that you will give us what we are looking for?

A: Simple, we listen. All of our events have extensive planning forms created to allow you to plan your party, the way you want it to be. Our event coordinators will personally assist you ahead of time to go over all of the music, event details and planning to ensure that we provide you just what you envision. We'll work hard to ensure that you're happy!


Q: Are you experienced?

A: We are currently celebrating over 30 years in the Lower Mainland and Fraser Valley. All of our Experienced DJs and Emcee’s have a minimum of 10+ years of experience and have been very involved with creating great Corporate Parties, Weddings, Ceremonies,  Receptions, Anniversary Celebrations, Fundraisers, Festivals, Birthday Parties, and more!


Q: Can we or our other guests make music requests?

A: YES ! We welcome your music requests. We also encourage your guests to approach us with their song requests at your event. Our charismatic DJs love to engage your friends and famly throughout the entire event. You will also be able to include a “Do Not Play list” for those songs or music styles that you do not want played at your event. We are proud to offer the most extensive music library in Vancouver and the Fraser Valley.


Q: How will the DJ be dressed?

A: Our DJ will always be dressed appropriately for your event. For most weddings and corporate events our DJs will wear dress pants, jacket and where required, a tie. We would never want our DJs to dress in a manner that draws more attention to us than to your event. As well, there may be events where you want your DJ in jeans, or dressed specifically for your occasion, just let us know.

Q: Are your DJs experienced with weddings?

A: Yes. Our wedding certified DJs are very knowledgeable and experienced performing at weddings. With so many details for a wedding reception, you can be assured that your Primetime DJ has many years of wedding experience. The average experience of our wedding DJs is from 10-15 years, all the way up to 20+ years. You will always have a wedding certified, Primetime DJ at your event. Our outstanding service is how we built our reputation as the most preferred DJ service in Vancouver and the Fraser Valley !


Q: Do you use Professional Sound Equipment and Lighting?

A: Yes. Each DJ on our team has mobile sound equipment of the highest quality that provides crisp, clear digital sound at a volume appropriate for your event. We maintain and upgrade our DJ equipment on a regular basis so we can provide the right equipment to handle any sized event at any sized venu.


Q: You say your the best, so does everyone. What makes you different?

A: The vast majority of our business comes from referrals and re-bookings from previously satisfied customers and vendors such as brides and grooms, people that have attended events we have hosted, wedding planners, photographers, banquet facilities managers, hotels and event coordinators, just to name a few!


Primetime Entertainment is the preferred DJ service in Vancouver and the Fraser Valley for one simple reason … We do it RIGHT! Every time!


Here are just a few of our larger clients;

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